All racking systems will be designed to maximise the floor area, height of the warehouse and the flow of the products through the warehouse. We design the racking to suit the size and weight of the stored items giving our clients an extremely cost effective system.

Pallet Racking:

The most common method of storing pallets is Pallet Racking, a storage system designed to provide ready access to every pallet. Other forms of Pallet Racking include, Live Storage Racking, Drive-in Racking and Push Back Racking.

Selective Storage Racking:

Selective Storage racking is suitable for the storage of a wide variety of non-palletised goods. It can be supplied with a variety of decks or any other type of decking material required by the client

Light Duty Racking:

Light Duty Racking is similar in set up to that of Selective Storage Racking; however, this system is ideal for storing light bulk storage, boxes, irregular shaped items, etc.

Carrying capacity: 250kgs – 650kgs per beam level determined by beam length.

Cantilever Racking:

Cantilever Racking is used to store long, bulky or odd shaped items. Some items could include tubing, bars, timber or other irregular products.